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I have pictures from my OC Miis and more. I even got photos of my friends miis!

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Super Mach Rider (1994)
Super Mach Rider 2 (1995)
Super Mach Rider 3 (1996)
Super Mach Rider 4 (1997)
Super Mach Rider: On The Rush (2003)
Super Mach Rider Advance (2003)
Super Mach Rider Advance 2 (2004)
Super Mach Rider: Dual Adventures (2007)
Super Mach Rider: World Fusion (2009)
Super Mach Rider: The Third Dimension (2012)
Super Mach Rider: The Star Chase (2014)

Super Mach Rider collections:

Super Mach Rider: Classic Era Collection (2004)
Super Mach Rider DS Collection (2006)
Mach Rider's Standard Kart by MachRider14
Mach Rider's Standard Kart
Finally my own Standard Kart from Mario Kart 8! 
Ok well, this dude Yoshidude8 managed to port models of the Standard Kart from MK8 in Mario Kart Wii. You can request to make one by going to this video.…
This story is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, but in a different way.

Many years ago, two great shooting stars appear over the galaxy with mystical powers. The Red Star and the Blue Star, together they form peace protecting the galaxy from danger. The power of the stars come from the two beings of Red and Blue. And now they dissappear without a trace from a discovery.....

The story begins at night in Max's house located near Starshine City. A letter appears out of nowhere and it landed on Max's mailbox. Max ran over to the mailbox to see what it is. It's a Shooting Star Festival held at Peach's Castle, hosted by Peach. And it also says that he can invite his sister, Hayley. So he ran into the house to tell Hayley, After that, they enter the forest where Peach's Castle isn't that far from here so they ran into the forest with some obstacles ahead. Once they got through the forest, they finally enter the castle town where many Toads and Humans appear, like many of them showed up. The twins got to meet everyone at the festival, but they seem to celebrate with Max as he's the hero from his childhood when he saved Hayley. After they meet Max, they finally enter the castle and celebrate the festival. But then suddenly, Max heard something from the sky. He thinks it's the shooting star, no, it's a rocket missile and it's targeting the castle! Before Hayley enters the castle, Max quickly pushes her to the ground as the missile blasts to the castle! When they survive, he saw something from the sky, an armada of airships and battleships and not only that, Bowser is on board the ship as well! The ships landed to the ground and the unit with guns forces the entire guests to get down on the ground and arrest everyone.

More soon.
Super Mach Rider (1994):

Level 1- Neon Island
Level 2- Rocky Point
Level 3- 
Level 4- Crystal Depths
Level 5- Pinball Heights
Level 6- Sapphire Harbor
Level 7- Midnight City
Level 8- Sky Floats
Level 9- Wave Fortress

Super Mach Rider 2 (1995):

Level 1- Windmill Park
Level 2- Battleship Harbor
Level 3- Pyramid Hills
Level 4- Pacific Mine
Level 5- Snow Valley
Level 6- 
Level 7- 
Level 8- Magma Carnival
Level 9- Rocket Zone
Level 10- Sunset Rail
Level 11- Wave Airship

Super Mach Rider 3 (1996):

Level 1- Emerald Forest
Level 2- 
Level 3- 
Level 4- Digital Factory
Level 5- Sandy Slides
Level 6- Sapphire Mountain
Level 7- 
Level 8-
Level 9-
Level 10- Garnet Volcano
Level 11- Moonview Tower
Level 12- Wave Station


MachRider14's Profile Picture
Carlos Salgado/ Mach Rider
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Welcome to my turf Deviants! I'm an improved mii maker, screenshot maker, track map maker, etc. But enough about it, I'm Mach Rider, I'm a Mach Bike Racer and I've been around on DA for like 4 years, I sure hope you guys enjoy my gallery cause I will post best artwork from my gallery. I work on New Super Mii Bros. screenshots, Improved Mii forms from the 3DS and Wii U, track maps, made up power-ups, and many more so if you want to find those things, you visit my username MachRider14. I'm also the creator of the Mario Kart TM series, a collection only in TrackMania 2.

My characters Max/Mach Rider and Hayley/Mach Girl are protagonists of my own series, Super Mach Rider. The twins team up to destroy Captain Wave's ultimate plans and excecute him from the death of their parents when they were kids.

It's GO Time!

What I make:
New Super Mii Bros.
Made Up Power-Ups
Mario Billboards
Improved Miis
Mach Bike Racers AR Pics

Game Info:

Nintendo 3DS:
Nintendo Network ID: MachRider94
Friend Code: 5198-2646-6379
Status: 79/100

Wii U:
Nintendo Network ID: MachRider94
Status: 80/100

Steam ID: MachRider94/ M.R. Pyro

Current Residence: Houston, Texas

My friends:
My real life friends:

I support:
Super Mari Stamp by Misskatt66G: I Support Chrispriter1 by Misskatt66RQ: I Support hotarutomoee Stamp by Misskatt66

My birthday badge


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